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If you PERMANENTLY DELETE device you will not be able to recover any data. Once delete, you must uninstall device application.
If you cancel your account all your devices will downgrade to FREE Edition. Are you sure?
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Ooops. No GPS Locations have been registered for your device.
  • Please check the application is still installed on device and GPS feature is enabled.
  • To check sending GPS locations process, please reboot the device. Application must launch automatically and send a first GPS location. On Android devices a GPS icon at top bar is displayed while getting the GPS position.

If you still see no locations, please contact support at
Check device logs when you feel something is not working as expected.
Datetime Description
Just after device installation you get 1 day PREMIUM settings (24 hours tracking every 10 minutes) to test the application is running as expected.
After day 1 you will go to FREE Edition.
up to 1 minute
(00h00 to 24h00)
every 60 minutes
(08h00 to 14h00)
4 weeks 1 day
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If you downgrade a device, settings will change to FREE edition for selected device.
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Check device logs when you feel something is not working as expected.
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Check the alerts you want to get an email when triggered.
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Application installed on device.
New settings (schedule/frequency) confirmed.
Location services (GPS/Network) enabled/disabled.
User manually triggered alert.
In order to call the API web services use the following keys:
API Shared Key: 2D0ED476-1276-4205-877A-7FE9B38BA6BF
API Key:
Please read these instructions to share a device location map.
To share location map, you have 2 options.
  • Share that public link:
  • Embed an iframe into your own web page:
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  • Remember you can track multiple devices: just install the application on device you want to track and use your account Email. The device will be added to your existing account.
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